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Update your app with the Lumia SensorCore SDK beta


Update your app with the Lumia SensorCore SDK beta and see your DVLUP points update, too. Get to it!


Your app must work on Windows Phone 8.1, make use of Lumia SensorCore SDK beta and use at least two of the four of the following APIs:

  • Step Counter
  • Activity Monitor
  • Place Monitor
  • Track Point Monitor

Your app must work even if:  

  • The user’s device does not support SensorCore. Remember, the devices that currently support SensorCore are Lumia 630, 635 and 930. Lumia 1520 and Icon running the Cyan update will also support it. 
  • The user has not enabled Motion Data and/or Location Services. It should prompt the user to turn on both.
  • The user disables Motion Data and/or Location Services while using the app. 
  • The user navigates away from the app and back to it. 
  • The user’s device doesn’t have any data.  

Your app must also provide the following minimum features: 

  • Include all three sizes of Live Tiles.
  • Follow the Windows Phone Design Language.
  • The application UI has to be scalable to support all Windows Phone resolutions. 
  • Include an About screen describing the app and its features as well as a feedback mechanism. 

Apps submitted to this challenge and awarded points will not be accepted for any other New App or New Game challenge, but may be resubmitted for Update and Quality challenges.

You can earn points for one app only in this challenge, once you have earned points you’ll no longer be able to submit apps to this challenge.

You may submit one app to this challenge. You may submit a free or purchased version of your app, but not both. Creating a “Try and Buy” app, or providing an “upgrade to ad-free” option using in-app purchase is recommended. 

Apps submitted to this challenge must include an English language localization and be available in the US Store.

Apps submitted to this challenge must have been published on the Windows Phone Store BEFORE the Challenge’s start date and updated AFTER the Challenge’s start date but BEFORE the Challenge’s end date. The app must be new and not previously published in a similar form.

Apps must be your original work. If you incorporate other software to create your apps or games, you must comply with the terms and conditions applying to the use of that other software. 

Make your app stand out from the crowd in the app store by coming up with a creative app concept and incorporating unique or differentiating features in your app. No more “Me, too” apps, you know?

Please remember to allow time for your apps to be published in Windows Phone Store and show on DVLUP.com. You are responsible for ensuring that your apps are submitted on time. There will be no time extension to this challenge.

More information:

Update your app with the Lumia SensorCore SDK beta


Jun 23, 2014 00:00:00 UTC

Aug 15, 2014 00:00:00 UTC

500 Pts

500 XP



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