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Power Your Relationship With Your App Users


Appboy is a leading Marketing Automation platform that helps segment and target customized content to app users through multi-channel messaging to make sure users stick around well beyond the download!


Your Windows Phone 8 apps must:

  • Integrate the Appboy SDK
  • Integrate the Appboy News Feed into your app and publish at least one news feed item.
  • Integrate the Appboy Feedback Module into your app and respond to at least one feedback item.
  • Integrate the Appboy In-App Messages into your app and send at least one in-app message.

Note: Messages or feedback responded to on test devices will count for the purposes of this challenge. 

In addition to the specific challenge features, your app must:

  • Employ Fast App Switching.
  • Include all three sizes of Live Tiles.
  • Follow the Windows Phone UI Guidelines.
  • Support ALL WP8 screen resolutions.
  • Must include English language localization and be available in the US Store.

You may earn points from up to two (2) apps in this challenge, once you have earned points twice (2 times) you’ll no longer be able to submit apps to this challenge.

Apps submitted to this challenge and awarded points will not be accepted for any other App or Game challenge, but may be resubmitted for Update and Quality challenges.

Apps submitted to this challenge must have been published in the Windows Phone Store before the Challenge’s start date and updated after the Challenge’s start date but before the Challenge’s end date.

Remember that this is an update challenge, so apps that included Appboy before the challenge’s start date will be rejected.

Allow time for your apps to be published in the Windows Phone Store and show on DVLUP.com. You are responsible for ensuring that your apps are submitted on time. There will be no time extension to this challenge.

Apps submitted to this challenge must be your original work. If you incorporate other software to create your application, you must comply with the terms and conditions applying to the use of that other software. Direct use of example code supplied by Nokia Developer, as per the code examples’ license agreement, is not permitted.

Remember, make your app stand out from the crowd in the app store by incorporating unique or differentiating features.

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Power Your Relationship With Your App Users


Feb 20, 2014 00:00:00 UTC

Apr 17, 2014 23:59:59 UTC

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