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Got Java Games?


Level up your Java games on Nokia X. Bring those Java games you’ve spent so many late nights working on to Nokia X and earn 250 XP per game. Plus, we’ve got a secret bonus, too.


Hey there Java developer, ready to level up your games and port them to Nokia X? We sure hope you are! If you decide to take us up on this special porting challenge, there’s some sweet XP in it that will carry you right up the DVLUP leader boards.

Will you accept our challenge? Here’s what you need to do: 

For starters, simply port one of your Java games to Nokia X and publish it in the Nokia Store and you’ll earn 250 XP. Nice and easy, right? 

That’s not all! If you port three Java games to the Nokia X platform, on top of the 750XP that you’ll receive in total for those games, you’ll get an extra 150XP bonus – that’s 900XP total for just three games!

Got more Java games? Then we’ve got more XP for you. Port five Java games to the Nokia X platform and you will get a 300XP bonus for your efforts – that’s 1550XP total for five games!

But wait, there’s more! If you can port 10 Java games to the Nokia X platform, you will receive a 500 XP bonus – that’s 3000XP total for 10 new Nokia X games!

We know what you’re thinking! This all sounds a bit crazy, but we know how hard you’ve worked on your Java games, and we wanted to reward you in an extra special way. But you need to be quick, as this porting opportunity will only last for a short while. 

All of your Nokia X games must be first published in the Nokia Store and submitted to this challenge by no later than September 15, 2014. (See Challenge Conditions below for details.)

Remember, any Nokia X games that you publish in the Nokia Store must have the same name and duplicate the same functionality and content as their Java counterparts; and your Java app needs to be published in the Nokia Store, too. 

And, before you submit any games to this Challenge, please remember that we will not accept the following types of games: 

  • Those that contain static content (i.e., content that does not change dynamically); or
  • Apps solely providing information about or advertising for businesses.  

Additionally, the following types of games will not be accepted for this Challenge:

  • Top trumps style card game
  • Battleships style game.
  • Tictactoe/Noughts and Crosses game.
  • Hangman style game.
  • Rock paper scissors style game. 

In Addition: 

Games submitted to this challenge and awarded points will not be accepted for any other New Game challenges, but may be resubmitted for other Update and Quality challenges.

Games submitted to this challenge must include an English language localization, and be available in the Nokia Store for download in Canada.

Games submitted to this challenge must have been published in the Nokia Store AFTER the Challenge’s start date but BEFORE the Challenge’s end date. The game must be new and not previously published for Nokia X in a similar form. 

Your games must be your original work. If you incorporate other software to create your games, you must comply with the terms and conditions applying to the use of that other software. The direct use of sample code supplied by Nokia Developer or Android/ASOP sources, as per the code examples’ license agreement, is not permitted.

Please remember to allow time for your games to be published in the Nokia Store and show on DVLUP.com. You are responsible for ensuring that your games are submitted on time. There will be no time extension to this challenge.

Please note: You will receive bonus points one time, based on the total number of games you successfully submit to this challenge. Bonus points will be awarded starting September 17 via incentive codes that will be delivered via email. 

More Information: 

Got Java Games?

New game

Jul 14, 2014 00:00:00 UTC

Aug 15, 2014 00:00:00 UTC

250 Pts

250 XP



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